Barnet WF Festival (a) – 27-Jan-18

Barnet WF Festival (a): 27-Jan-18 (report by Andy Roads)

Please note matches played 5, W3 D1 L1 (2 wins on penalties – Englands could learn alot here!), one goal conceded, one goal scored.  Tope scorer Steve Dyett!  Hail the Friendly team!!!  WINNERS!!!!

Details from “LONDON BEES” Mixed Gender 7-a-side walking football tournament  – well that’s what we were told? so obtained the services of Sharon Hinds, Kim Johnston and Samantha Roads with the thought that they would rotate with a minimum of two ladies on the pitch at any time and that was a policy we stuck to right through the tournament. Apparently a number of the teams missed the “mixed gender” bit and turned up with full squads of male players.

Andy Roads
Gordon Sexstone
Julian Knight
Kim Johnson
Sharon Hinds
Steve Harrington
Steve Dyett

So first up a match against the 7 men of Bounds Green and a 0-1 loss, on the balance of play probably a fair result although we did have our chances. Game two saw us taking on one of the Barnet Teams in a pretty tight affair that ended up 0-0. Game three and once again up against a male only team in Feltham, with a guest appearance in goal as Julian kindly vacated to let Kevin Schmid have a match, we eventually won this match 1-0 thanks to a goal from Steve Dyett.

Four points turned out to be enough to see us progress to the semi Final against another Barnet Team and again a very tight affair and a 0-0 score-line and on to penalties, this gave Julian the opportunity to show how much difference a proper keeper can make as he saved three penalties allowing us to progress to the final 3-1.

Again in the final we had to play a male only team in the form of Cedars and again a tight match which ended 0-0 so once again it was down to penalties with Julian being the hero as we won 3-2.

So what did we learn:

  • Our ladies were more than a match for anybody who played and if I was not a sexist pig I would probably have to admit that they gave some of us a lesson in tackling and commitment.
  • The importance of having a good goalkeeper.
  • The best way to win a tournament is to bore the oppositions into submission and 1 goal in open play is more than enough to win the Bloody Biggest Cup I have ever seen.

Well done to everybody who played and thanks for putting up with my ranting.