Berkhamsted (h) (2 games) – 09-May/08-Jun-18 (away/home)

09-May-17 Berkhamsted (Away) (reports by Richard)

Alan Cutter
Andy Roads
Craig Forbes
Nige Eastaugh
Richard Manning
Sam Biggerstaff
Steve Dyett
Steve Moss
Terry Singh
Tony Beal

Win 3-0

08-Jun-17 Berkhamsted (Home, 2 games)

Last Thu, we hosted a return game vs. Berkhamsted after our win away a few weeks ago.  Andy ensured that we added new players to the WF Friendly Team games by splitting the team, so 25 players have now played for the Watford WF Friendly in the festival and 3 other games!

The two games were each 28 min long.  Players/results as shown:

SQUAD A (8.00pm Start)
Steve Harrington
Craig Forbes
Graham Bell
Malcolm Feeney
Glenn Cato
Martin Wallace
Terry Singh

Result: 2-6

SQUAD B (8.33pm Start)
Steve Harrington
Richard Wobber
Andy Roads
Rob Chaplin
Kim Johnston
Rob Kent
Steve Dyett

Result: 1-2

Aggregate: 3-8

Andy said the result meant he did not take note of scorers! So first loss but hopefully everyone enjoyed playing and getting the kit on!