Bobby Moore Festival – 07-Jul-17

Bobby Moore Festival – 07-Jul-17 (report by Richard)

Quick update on our latest Watford FC Trust WF adventure!  Yesterday we entered two teams into the Middlesex FA and Bobby Moore Fund Walking Football Festival at Powerleague Barnet, a fund raiser for the Booby Moore Fund.  There were 12 teams divided into two separate groups, each playing 5 x 12 min games within their group.

Watford entered two teams, the League team (Watford A) under Will and Gary, and the Friendly team (Watford B) under myself and Andy.

Friendly Team (Watford B)
Andy Roads
Glenn Cato
Paul Vinton
Richard Manning
Rob Chaplin
Rob Kent
Steve Moss
Terry Singh

All players were involved with even time in every match under very hot conditions.  Of the 5 matches, we won 4 (2-1, 1-0, 2-0, 3-0) and lost 1 (1-2), guided by our non-playing coach Craig Forbes.  Solid defence once again and still looking for some more real goal poachers!  The matches were well refereed and held strictly to the FA WF rules.  We really DO need to learn not to run!

Great day out, certainly beats working 🙂