Bournemouth Festival: 15-Sep-18 (report by Michael Adams)

A fabulous weekend was had by all, especially those who travelled down on the Friday night to grace the nightlife in Bournemouth which was capped off by Tony Bartolo and Kevin sharing a double bed which was smaller than most single beds…priceless! Tony seemed to take it in his stride…allow the pun (also, please see timely reminder at the bottom of this email).

Anyway, we were supposed to put 2 x 6-a-side teams together, but when we got there, due late pull outs, we had to reorganise and played 2 x 5-a-side teams, borrowing a player from our hosts Pelham Park Rangers.

There were 6 teams in total, 2 from Pelham Park Rangers, 2 from another local team Dexters and the 2 Watford Teams.

Watford 1
Kevin Schmid
Andy Roads
Pete Davison
Paul Salvietto
Steve Dyett

Watford 2
Tony Bartolo
Paul Vinton
Will McCafferty
Mike Adams
Ben (Loaned player from PPR)

Rather than bore you with individual match reports. Other than the Watford teams or local teams playing each other, every team played 4 league games of 3 touch football, with the top 2 teams playing for the cup and the 3rd and 4th Teams the plate.

After the complete round of games, Watford 1, topped the tables with 4 straight wins against all the local teams. Watford 2 came joint second with PPR 1 who both had league records of having played 4, won 3 lost 1. Which meant PPR 1 went on to play Watford 1 in the final due to superior goal difference. When both Watford 1 and 2 were playing at the same time, Kev played for Watford 1. As Watford 2 had a couple of games that did not clash with our 1’s he played in goal for the 2’s as well. In all, Kev played 5 games for the 1’s and 3 for the 2’s.

Watford 1 having beaten PPR 1 in the league game 2-0, lost the final 1-0 after a game that was one too many, as they had tightened up, sitting around for the final to begin and having no subs took its toll. Also, Andy Roads got sin binned for a couple of minutes for a pull-back. Great tactic to get a rest, which almost paid off as when he came back onto the pitch he immediately found himself in a goal scoring opportunity which brought out a great save from their keeper.

Watford 2 went on to win the plate game 3-2 which they won comfortably, although the score made it look closer than it was. Couple of fatigue mistakes allowed the opposition chances which they took well.

A couple of points worth noting, Paul Salvietto needs to play under the influence of alcohol more often, every time he went into the opposition half he either scored or got the keeper to pull off a great save. Pete and Steve D’s on field romance continues to blossom – a proper marriage in the making, now formerly known as George & Mildred. Although, Pete could also pick up the Victor Mildrew “I don’t believe it…” award of the day. We need to issue abacuses to Paul Vinton and Tony Bartolo as counting to three was not in their repertoire. That aside, a great set of lads who had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

A Timely Reminder

Whilst we were enjoying ourselves and the genuine camaraderie of playing together in our maturing years. Unbeknown, to me my family were trying to reach me as my 62-year-old brother had passed in Grenada in the early hours of the morning. Whilst, of course I am extremely saddened by the personal loss my immediate family will go through in the coming days and weeks… I am also uplifted by the fact that at 58 years old I, along with the rest of you can be still out there with like-minded individuals making the most of our time. We are truly blessed to be playing this game and should not take anything for granted. Results matter, but playing is far, far more important. None of us are promised tomorrow, so let’s live for today and do so with sensitivity to others. See you Monday fellas.