Buntingford (h) – 09-Dec-17

Buntingford (h) – 09-Dec-17 (report by Richard)

After a late night at the Tudor Arms care of Paul Vinton and Steve Moss arrangements of our WF Christmas bash (WELL DONE BOYS!!)) our penultimate match of the year was a return match against Buntingford.  A late drop out by Glenn resulted in a call-up for Steve D.  With now 3 Steve’s in the team, its starting to need surnames to be used!

The match was once again a tight encounter, ably refereed by Rob Chaplin who did a great job, thank you! With fixed keeper Julian Knight making his debut (and very good he was) the rest of us each played 3 of the quarters on a VERY cold afternoon.  Thankfully Rob also came with hot tea and a LARGE selection of cakes!

A 4-3 win away in August was followed by a 1-0 win via a well taken penalty by Steve Holley after a step in goal area infringement.  The game was played in great spirit which will hopefully follow through into our last games next week.  Perhaps then we can go for a record attendance…


Julian Knight

Graham Bell
Jonathan Sinfield
Richard Manning
Stephen Harrington

Alan Cutter
Steve Dyett
Steve Holley
Steve Moss

Average Age: 59 yr 11 mon
Attendance: 2 (Ken Littleboy and Malcolm Wright)
Total number of different players used to date: 37