Feltham Tournament (Away) – 08-Oct-17

Feltham Tournament (Away) – 08-Oct-17 (report by Richard)

…aching limbs (again)…a very hot bath…a Sunday afternoon nap…but I digress…

Another weekend, another tournament for the Watford FC Trust Walking Football teams!  Feltham Walking Football Club (their shirts have Feltham Old Offenders!) hosted a very well organised and run mini-WF tournament at the PowerLeague venue at Sunbury-on-Thames today.  Excellent caged 4G pitches with goals similar to Meriden were very good.  Teams were divided into two groups, each playing a round robin on adjacent pitches culminating in a semi-final and final.

Watford were proud to provide THREE teams to the 10-team event, resulting in a total of 24 players being involved.

Group A included Feltham A, Watford Whites (our League squad under Gary Shaw), QPR, Barnet P and Spelthorne

Group B included Feltham B, Watford Yellows (under Andy Roads), Staines Strollers, Barnet R and Watford Orange (under Richard Manning)

Squads were:

WHITE (average age close to 60 I guess!)
Andy Jenkins
Dennis Jervis
Gary Shaw
Ged McGlaulin
George Ferrar
Howard Harris
Kevin Schmid
Peter Davison

YELLOW (average age 59 y 9 mon)
Alan Cutter
Andy Roads
Glenn Cato
Graham Bell
Howard Groves
Stephen Harrington (GK)
Steve Dyett
Steve Moss

ORANGE (average age 62 y 4 mon!)
Jonathan Sinfield
Ken Littleboy
Michael Smith
Paul Vinton (GK)
Peter McMahon
Philip Marchand
Richard Manning
Tony Beal

The Whites cruised to 4 group victories to go straight into the semis in what was a stronger Group.  The two Watford teams performed admirably neither losing a game!  The Yellows 2 wins and a draw (7 pts) together with the Orange one win and two draws (5 pts) set up a tense decider in the final group match between the two Watford teams after a late penalty in the Feltham last game gave them 7 pts.  A win for Orange by 1 goal would have taken both teams through to the semis.  However, do to a lack of mathematical genius to work it out, the Yellows sat back and absorbed everything Orange could throw at them to sneak a 0-0 draw.  So Orange went out (like England!) undefeated…

The semis demonstrated the strength of Group A as the Watford and QPR teams easily ran out winners against Feltham B and Watford Yellows respectively.  This was the QPR team which beat the Friendly squad 12-1 a few weeks ago ☹.

In the final an early goal from Howard was cancelled out by the rather youthful QPR squad after the Watford conceded their first goal of the tournament.  The game went into extra time with a golden goal and the tight game continued with man-of-the-match Kevin making a number of key saves throughout the game.  A fine piece of footwork by Howard H broke the deadlock for the Watford White win. It was nice that the vast majority of Watford team players stayed to the end to support our Whites.

Compared to last week, this event was extremely well marshalled.  The running was picked up consistently and there was very limited fouling.  Of course, when the competitive nature of finalists came to bear with a cup up for grabs, the physical side did step up.  However, the (very) young referee (who also did our Group B games) did a fine job of keep the game flowing, I would suggest the best referee I have seen since I started playing!

The medals and cups were presented while the rest of us tucked into burgers and sausage sandwiches, well-earned after the vigorous efforts.