Ken Heddington Memorial @ Stevenage – 09-May-19

9th May 2019 (report by Richard)

Just wanted to say thank you to you all for coming along yesterday, especially Trevor for managing the team brilliantly.  I will write a brief report and place photo on website.
Man of the Match: Joint winners Mick and Jonathan
Manager of the Month: Trevor
Spirit of the Day: Kevin
I have thanked Lorna, her team and other players and you will see in the email string feedback from other teams below.

From Hatfield:
On behalf of Hatfield Town Council WFC I would like to thank you and your whole team for organising this amazing tournament. Hopefully that will become a regular event and Ken’s name will last for ever. Also massive thanks to all the participants for creating such a great atmosphere.
It’s always a pleasure to see how walking football is bringing people together. Let’s wish that there will be more opportunities to meet all of you and have excellent time again.

From Stevenage:
On behalf of the two ‘home’ sides (Spartans and Roy’s Rovers) I would like to endorse our thanks to you and the staff of SFC. 
Ken would have indeed been proud of his Missfits and how they were brought into the tournament by other clubs. 
While games were competitive, the ‘sport’ is more about people involvement and interaction. Doctors know good health is helped by social activity as well as sensible physical exercise. Walking football is good for both.

From Watford:
To follow up on previous emails, I fully agree.  It was a pleasure for us to be able to attend and play an event for Ken, a lovely bloke.  Although I was Watford Amigo’s youth policy being the youngest in the team (at 61!), it mattered not as the games were well marshalled by the 2 referees and the event went off very smoothly – even the hot dog at the end ?.
It was lovely the way the teams made up the numbers for the “Missfits” so seamlessly and that they were able to win a prize.  I am sure Ken would have been very proud.
Please keep us in mind for any future such events as there were players who wanted to be involved who unfortunately could not make it.
Many thanks again to you, you team and the other players.

From Welwyn Garden City:
Thank you from all the Extra Time WFT from Welwyn Garden City for organising Ken’s Memorial Tournament, all the lads were made up about the day and we were disappointed that we couldn’t field another team for such a good cause.

From Barnet:
Thank you from us all at The Barnet community team. A collection of over 50/60/65 players.
Our group ref was very good and we agree with the words of Loucas at Hereford.
The lads all enjoyed the day for an excellent cause.

From Hereford:
Just a quick note to say thanks very much to everyone at Stevenage Borough FC for hosting the tournament.  Also thanks to all the other teams as it was the best spirited tournament we have ever played in, which I guess is a legacy of Ken’s attitude to making football fun and inclusive.
So pleased that the money raised today will be going to the Up Front project for adults with learning disability to play football.  Was lovely speaking to Sandra about this project that started 15 years ago and will continue running due to the help from Stevenage FC and everyone that participated today.