This month saw WWFC resources stretched to the limit by the Middlesex West Over 50 & 60 league at Uxbridge being postponed a week due to the Bank Holiday and hence clashing with the TVL at Bisham Abbey.  Nonetheless, the 5 team managers and coordinators worked tirelessly for a week to ensure all 5 fixtures were fulfilled, and club players introduced to the leagues for the first time.  Well done managers!!!

Over 60s (report by Andy R)

Funny how things turn out, a week ago all the managers sat down frantically trying to work out how we could get 5 teams out on the same day, an achievement in itself. Thanks to a number of players that do not normally play in the tournaments making themselves available and a number of players being extremely flexible about which team, which age group and which venue they played at we, I believe, managed to fulfil our obligations and in terms of the Middx over 60’s achieved the best set of results that we have managed over three rounds of competition so far, winning two matches, drawing one and losing one thereby picking up seven points, our best tally to date.

Andy Roads
Dave Nelmes (GK)
Graham Bell
Maurice Waggenfield,
Paul Currie
Richard Manning
Tony Bartollo

If anybody had watched our opening game against Cove Reds they could have been excused for thinking it was going to be a long hard day as frankly we were shocking. Our passing, our decision making, our positioning and our general play were all poor. Despite this we actually only lost 1-0 to a self-inflicted goal and whilst it might be harsh on the opposition to say we deserved a share of the points we did create opportunities to get just that. What was encouraging was that when we came off the pitch and after some honest self-analysis you could sense that every player, far from being despondent, wanted to get back out there, improve their performance and put things right and for the next three matches that is exactly what we did.

Matches against Cove White and Old Salvatorians both ended 1-0 to us with Maurice Waggenfield scoring both goals. In both matches the 1-0 score-line flattered the oppositions as we did squander a few good chances. Almost everything we had done badly in the first game improved, our passing was more accurate our positional play and decision making improved, we looked dangerous going forward and more solid at the back and on the occasions when the oppositions did create a chance Dave Nelmes in goal was more than a match for anything that came at him.

From a personal point of view the final match of the day, a 0-0 draw with Uxbridge Amblers was the most satisfying in that, having watched Uxbridge score five goals in their previous two matches and having seen them completely outplay both of those oppositions it was clear that player for player they were the strongest team in our group by some way, so having already gained six points we decided to play a very tight game, look for the odd goal if the opportunity arose but in the main try and frustrate Uxbridge and boy did we do that bit well. Playing with a very defensive attitude is only possible if every player buys into it and plays their part and too a man that is what we did. Uxbridge’s slick passing game was nullified, their goal scoring opportunities were kept to a minimum and at the end of the game it was clear they were very frustrated with the way we had out foxed them, lots of talk of “anti-football” and how “they couldn’t/ wouldn’t want to play like that” but from a couple of them some grudging respect for the job we had done on them.

Thanks to everybody for turning out and for the effort you put into turning a day that started poorly into our most successful Middx 60’s day so far.

Over 60s Table


Over 50s (report by Grant)

Apart from myself, the other 6 players in Uxbridge this week had not played for me before!

Starting with a convincing 3-0 Win, we played some excellent football. Steve Dyett holding the ball up front, with Tony Power pulling the strings in midfield. 2 goals for Grant and 1 for Steve.

Bit disappointing with 0-0 in game 2, Colin in goal with another clean sheet.

Very disappointed losing 2-0 to league leaders Cove, which probably means we can’t now win this League.

A final match v Uxbridge Blues, with Simon, Pat & Brad defending well. Good work from Steve with a simple pass to Grant, who smashed the ball home to seal the win.

Brad Howard
Colin Sills (GK)
Grant Proudfoot
Pat Morrisey
Simon Evans
Steve Dyett
Tony Power

Well Done Guys, an enjoyable Sunday Morning.


Over 50s Table