Over 60s (report by Andy R)

Such small margins define the success of the day (at least in terms of points). On the plus side we obtained 3 points as Old Salvatorians did not put out a team (in truth we would probably have beaten them anyway so justice done). Also on the plus side we also won a semi-final supplementary cup match but on the negative side we drew two league matches that we were more than capable of winning and so you might say we dropped 4 points rather than gained 2 but such is life when matches are as tight as they were today. I believe we will end up slap bang in the middle of the league (3rd) when the Tables are finally published and had we been able, over the four sessions, to convert more chances on goal, could and some would say should, have been pushing much closer to the 2nd spot.

What was very pleasing was the attitude of all the players who I believe gave their utmost on the day, some good banter, some good play and probably some not so good play but a great camaraderie and a great attitude towards each other, the ref, the organisers and the game of Walking Football.

Again a couple of new players to the squad in Gary Shaw and Michael Wright, neither who have played in this team, in this competition, previously and of course a few old faces in Pat Morrisey, Graham Bell, Allan Cutter, Paul Currie, Tony Bartollo and Richard Manning (come to think of it some bloody old faces!).

Game 1 – vs Uxbridge – as always seems the case we started off a little slowly and were a little wasteful with the ball but having said that only actually ended up losing 1-0 to the team who will have won our league. Was the goal they got lucky, I would say extremely but then again did they deserve to win the match? Yes probably.

Game 2 – vs Cove Red – the team who will have come second in our league – ended 0-0, probably a draw was a fair result but having said that we did create a couple of good goal scoring opportunities that we were unable to capitalise on and on another day we could easily have taken 3 points.

Game 3 – vs Cove Whites – no doubt in my mind we should have won this match with chances going begging but it was not to be and a final score of 1-1 thanks to a goal from Gary Shaw

Game 4 – Supplementary cup against Uxbridge and this time we played much better and found ourselves drawing 1-1 at full time thanks to a thunderbolt from Pat Morrisey so straight to 3 penalties each and we came through 3-2 as Gary Shaw, Pat Morrisey and Tony Bartollo all scored their respective penalties and Michael Wright saved one of Uxbridge’s efforts.

Game 5 saw us playing Cove Red again, and again it was a very tight match which Cove edged 1-0.

All in all a good days efforts.

May I end by thanking all the players who represented the over 60’s in the four Spring sessions, all of you played in the right spirit with the right amount of desire to be successful but also in the correct spirit of walking football. One of my desires when I said I would manage this team, in this league, was to try and give as many people as possible the opportunity to play whilst still trying to ensure I selected balanced squads that were able to compete with the standard of oppositions we found ourselves up against and whilst I am sure there may be a few people who could say they did not get selected I believe I, in the main, managed to achieve this. I don’t think we ever lost by more than two goals and generally a loss was by the odd goal and I don’t think we ever won by more than two goals with a lot of drawn matches in between whilst still managing to give 19 different players a run out over the 4 sessions. For me the greatest success was that with very, very, few exceptions all those players that played seemed to enjoy themselves and whilst we of course all want to win every match all those players represented our club and Walking Football in general in the correct manner

Over 60s Table FINAL

Over 50s Table (FINAL)