02-Sep-19 Report by Andy Roads

So the new Middx sessions started today and with a couple of walking wounded we managed a squad of 8 players: Colin Sills, Pat Morrisey, Tony Bartolo, Maurice Wagenfield, George Ferrer, Paul Vinton, Richard Manning and Andy Roads. The over 60’s Group comprised of Luton, Uxbridge, Cove, Hemel Hempstead and ourselves which on paper looked stronger than last seasons group and in truth I think it probably was and with Hemel and Luton both having players unavailable and Cove mixing two teams into one I think it will get even more competitive over the coming months.
Our opening game was against Hemel, a team we know very well, and in truth 0-0 was probably the right score with both teams pretty much cancelling each other out offensively. Hemel probably had more of the ball but without looking really dangerous and our attempts to catch them on the break were thwarted by the Hemel defence, so a fair score.
Next up were Luton and on the day we should have won this match fairly convincingly. Mo (Tom Daly) put us one nil up and we pretty much controlled the game and should have increased our lead and then late in the game a momentary lapse in defence allowed Luton to equalise and the game ended 1-1.
Then came Cove who last year had two teams in the 60+ but have now amalgamated this into one team and look like being a stronger proposition. Again the match was very tight with few opportunities for either side and I think it is fair to say we can feel somewhat aggrieved that we ended up losing 1-0 to a goal scored following a clear foul (even the Cove player was apologising for) as the Cove player stretched to get away a shot I was able to toe poke the ball away and he volleyed my shin (all be it unintentionally) which stopped me being able to complete the clearance and Cove pounced on the loose ball, unfortunately the ref saw things differently and the goal stood.
Finally up were Uxbridge and again a tight affair but this time we got our just deserts with Mo smashing in a longish range shot that the keeper barely saw. Defensively we then moped up the few real attacks Uxbridge had and Colin Sills was easily able to deal with the shots Uxbridge did muster.
Overall as a squad we were pretty solid without being spectacular, need to ensure we take a larger number of the chances created and need to make sure we keep our concentration defensively throughout matches but overall a good day played in the right spirit and everybody in the squad getting around the same amount of game time (except maybe Richard who should have come on in the final game but decided that given his continued groin strain issue felt he should sit out the match given the pace it was being played at). So I guess 5 points mustered, could and maybe should have been 8.
Well done all and we move forward with some confidence to October in the knowledge that if we concentrate and put our minds to it we can certainly compete with all the teams in this league

Watford 0 -0 Hemel
Watford 1-1 Luton
Watford 0-1 Cove
Watford 1-0 Uxbridge

Andy Roads
Colin Sills
George Ferrar
Maurice Waggenfield
Pat Morrissey
Paul Vinton
Richard Manning
Tony Bartolo


COVE 4 4 0 0 4 0 4 12
HEMEL HEMPSTEAD 4 1 2 1 3 1 2 5
WATFORD 4 1 2 1 2 2 0 5
UXBRIDGE AMBLERS 4 1 1 2 2 2 0 4
LUTON TOWN 4 0 1 3 1 7 -6 1