Middlesex (West) FA Over 60s League Round 3

03rd  November 2019 (written by Andy R)

Third of 4 rounds in the Middlesex West WF League (60s) at Hillingdon was held on Sun 03-Nov.
Andy Roads
Colin Sills
Maurice Wagenfield
Pat Morrisey
Paul Currie
Paul Vinton
Richard Manning
Tony Bartollo
Hemel 0-0
Cove 0-1
Uxbridge 0-1
Luton 1-1 (goal scorer Tony Bartollo)
A really bad day at the office, only picking up 2 points from a possible 12 and in truth that is pretty much all we deserved.
What is perhaps surprising is that we had much the same group of players that have performed so well on previous occasions so we know we are better than this showing but today we were never in control of any of the matches we played. Hesitant in defence, ponderous in midfield and toothless going forward, poor decision making, poor passing, poor movement, the list goes on (and these were only the good points!) for sure nobody covered themselves in glory today.
We conceded 3 goals but if we are honest it could have been more and we only scored 1, if we are even more honest it could have been less!
So there you have it, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, get back in the game and move on to the next round of matches on 1st December where we will need to play a whole lot better if we are not to find ourselves finishing bottom of the league after the four rounds of matches.