Over 65s Tournament 01-Mar-19

01st March 2019 (report by Alan Cutter)

On Friday 1st March, 7 of the more senior members of the WWFC headed east towards Romford to compete in an over 65’s round robin event.  The intention is to hold 4 of these during the year, possibly at various venues, and whilst everybody involved play to win when they step out on the pitch, the primary aim is for it to much less competitive than most tournaments. It is designed for us all to meet up, play the game we love and to have fun…and on all fronts it succeeded!

Due to work commitments and injuries, only 3 of our 65+ players were able to come along. The rest of the squad was made up of 63 year old “youngsters”  🙂

There were 12 teams in total, split into 2 groups of 6. Despite not having a recognised striker playing, we actually scored quite a few goals for a change! They were shared out fairly evenly throughout the squad with everybody chipping in. We played 5 matches, winning 4 and drawing the last, which meant that we topped our group. Scoring 18 goals and only conceding 2. 

The matches were all played in a wonderful spirit with lots of smiles and fun –  which is (for me) what it is all about. From the comments I received  from the rest of the guys, I believe that they all enjoyed it too.

The squad was:
Alan Cutter
Ken Littleboy
Malcolm Wright (gk)
Michael Smith
Pat Morrissey
Steve Morris
Will McCafferty