Hornets (Division 1) (report by Glenn)

The Hornets squad:
Gary S
Paul S
Tony Beal

Our third meet today at Bisham Abbey started very badly in the pouring rain!!

The First game was against Bicester Fossils in the first minute of the game we were 1-0 down. It was there only shot of the game. We tried to get back in the game but was unable to find the equalizer.
Final score 0-1.

Our Second game was against Uxbridge Amblers this game is always feisty. Unfortunately, nothing went right for us in this game!! A number of chances went begging before a speculative well hit strike from distance flicked off a Hornet and flew past Kevin into the top corner of the net. Paul was not happy with some of the challenges and persistent running Uxbridge were being allowed to get away with, and decided to share his views with the referee several times. The referee decided to send him off after Paul questioned the referees decision making too often.(this meant Paul was not allowed to play in our remaining 3 games). The 5 men could not find a way through.
Final score 0-1.

Not a good start with 2 defeats!!

Our Third game was against Woodley Saints we knew we had to win this game. Laurie making his first appearance at Bisham opened the scoring. We had several more chances to extend our lead but was unable to convert.
Final score 1-0.

Onto our Fourth game against Bracknell we created several chances before we managed to open the scoring with a fine finish from Tony. We were unable to add to the score.
Final score 1-0.

Our last game was against MK Walkers. We needed the victory to make up for our poor start to the day. We played well creating several chances. A very good move involving all the players was finished off by Laurie. We missed a penalty and created several more chances.
Final score 1-0.

Well done to the squad for finishing strongly and a special mention for Kevin he played with an injured left arm which restricted his movement.

I believe we are still 6 points clear even with our 2 blips today.  So one more meet to gain promotion.  Well done guys!!



Amigos (Division 2) (report by Richard)

The depleted Amigos squad arrived at a VERY wet Bisham Abbey for Round 3 of the TVL today. Cold and wet was an understatement, and it was testament to the players that they even turned up! Steve Dyett brought two bags of bananas where flask of hot tea or soup would have been more appropriate – I will be asking players for a small gazebo next time!

A late withdrawal of Graham with illness meant a call up for Michael Smith. Richard, still recovering from illness, managed the squad:
Alan Cutter
Andy Roads
Ken Littleboy
Malcolm Wright
Michael Smith
Paul Vinton
Steve Dyett
Steve Moss

With 7 outfield players involved in 4 x 12 min games it is always difficult to get the playing time up. It would be easier with a squad of 7 allowing everyone to get 3 games in, but then you risk one injury putting the team at risk. The 8 works OK because the squad appreciate the balance, and everyone got 3 or 2½ games.

The exact results are a little unclear because the fixture list on a piece of paper rapidly deteriorated in the heavy rain – even the referee had to find an alternative way of working out the fixtures and results. I do know they were 0-0, 0-0, 0-2 and 1-1!

I believe the 1st game was against Maidenhead, probably the best team we come up against. They have a good goal-scorer up front, mainly left foot, who Andy in his debut for the TVL Amigos snuffed out completely. Going forward the Amigos looked strong and the new 1-3-1 formation worked well. Several good Amigo chances went begging and the final result 0-0 was disappointing where the Amigos just about shaved it.

The 2nd game was (probably) against Wycombe. Andy again impressed stepped forward into the central middle/dropping back into defence role very well with Ken behind. A strong performance with Malcom mainly a spectator was not rewarded and a second goalless gain resulted.

The 3rd game against (probably) Oxford was a poor affair and no doubt our most disappointing performance with Oxford running out comfortable 2-0 winners.

The final game against (probably) the Crumblies (league leaders) was a much better performance with a fine finish by Alan and other opportunities missed. Unfortunately a sharp turn and very good strike produced an equaliser and the Amigos could not find the net again.

So starting on 10 points, 3 behind the Crumblies and Maidenhead, we really needed 10 pts to have a good chance of getting promoted. The 3 points will probably mean we will be out of contention by (the last) Round 4.


Walkers (Championship) (report by Michael)

Julian Knight
John Field
Craig Forbes
Hallam Doyle
Trevor Blake
Ged McGlaughlin
Peter Davison
Howard Harris

Team Coach: Michael Adams
Absent this round: Dennis Jervis

First game we were once again matched against Hemel Hempstead and again they appear to have the hoodoo on us. Under 3 minutes in, a well hit shot from distance cannoned off Julian’s chest onto the post as he was diving, and that proved to be decisive. Watford dominated possession whilst Hemel were well organised and happy dropping behind the ball, with most of our chances being speculative from distance. Hemel did have one more decent attempt which was brilliantly saved by Jules. Great game to watch, we looked good in possession and Hemel put on a walking football master class in organised defending and countering. That’s 3 games in row that Hemel have done us by the odd goal.

Following a 2-game interval in awful conditions, the second game against South Reading Coffin Dodgers was a dull 0-0 draw. Again, we had plenty of laboured possession but no end product. Was difficult to get going from a cold start. Never, looked like conceding, but also struggled to score although keeper saved well from Ged and Howard turned well but shot too soon, not realising he had got away from his marker.

Third game, against South Bucks & Chiltern Crinklies we starting to look more like the Watford we know, we won the game 1-0, courtesy of a Ged goal. Keeper made several good saves and we won the game comfortably, without ever being in any danger of conceding. Kept ball well and more momentum than previous game.

Final game was our best performance of the day against Cherwell Strollers, who are a decent side. We dominated possession again and played the majority of the game in their half. The deadlock was broken from a set play (cannot claim we rehearsed it) but it was a neat finish from John Field, low and in the corner.

Lessons learned… All the teams in our league have all learned from the first games we played them. In all cases when they played us (including Hemel) they were happy to surrender possession and frustrate us. We need to work on this, particularly when the games are only 12 minutes in duration.

Other than that, it was still productive as I believe we can not be caught at the top of our division and therefore, have done what we set out to do, which was gain promotion to top division.

Well done everyone!