Walkers (Premiership) (report by Michael)


Premiership Table

Hornets (Division 1) (report by Glenn)

Congratulations to Cherwell who were confirmed the winners of the Championship.  Deserved winners they have been very consistent over the four rounds only losing twice to ourselves!.  This has been a very difficult Spring League due to non-availability of our players for various reasons. We used 15 different players over the four rounds with only 6 players available for this last meet of the Spring League.

Hornets Squad
Allan Carrington
Gary Shaw
Glenn Cato
Kevin Schmid
Paul Griffin
Steve Yule (making his debut at TVL)

First game v South Reading. Result 0-1
Unfortunately our usual slow start AGAIN!!!!!. We discussed the importance in not repeating our groundhog day. This was to no avail. We did not play well creating very little, also struggling to retain the ball. To compound our first game where i would of been happy taking a point considering how poor we played. Reading’s goal summed up our start. Kevin made a fabulous save from a long range shot as the ball flew in the air from his parry it hit Kevin on the back and bounced into the net. Very harsh on Kevin.

Second game v Cherwell (The Champions). Result 1-0 (Gary)
We were determined to not repeat our poor start as in the First game!!. This was more like it! From start to finish we were in total control of the game.  Our shape was better. Passing and movement back up to what we expect. Creating chances all that was missing was a goal. Due to our dominance this allowed Gary to push forward into more attacking positions he received the ball in central midfield and drove forward. Gary decided to have a shot which flew into the bottom corner a great goal. After this we played good possession football until the whistle blew.

Third game v Wycombe Wanderers A. Result 1-0 (Glenn)
We played very well. Controlling the game creating several chances with a very good Wycombe keeper making several top saves. Our pressure finally resulted in a goal Allan placed a super through ball to Glenn into the right side channel he hit a good shot across the keeper into the bottom corner a good finish. We created several more chances with the Wycombe goalie keeping the score down to one.

Fourth Game v Bicester Fossils Result 1-0
Bicester have withdrawn from the League with all the other teams awarded 1-0 victories. A new team will join the Autumn League, their name escapes me arranged with TVL to play against all the teams in the division.  We won the game 1-0 our goal scored by Gary.

Fifth game v Chiltern/South Bucks West. Result 1-1 (Steve)
We played well except for a lack of concentration resulting in a goal.  Steve making his debut at TVL scored a fine goal with a strike from 15 yards. After this we switched down a level believing the one goal would be enough.  What a mistake we switched off and allowed the Chiltern striker to score. There was not enough time for ourselves to grab a winner!!.

Overall finishing Runners up is not bad considering all the problems we have encountered the season.

Championship Table 

Amigos (Division 2) (report by Andy)



As you are aware, the Amigos were deducted 5 pts from a win and 2 draws during the April session. As you can see from the above table, an extra 5 points would take the Amigos to 4th place. No one can recall who they beat in April(!), but if its was Chiltern, the Amigos would have been 3rd!

Also, and worthy of note, the team improved through the season with the table for the May and June only looking as below with Watford winners!

Watford 10 3 6 1 4 1 3 15
Oxford 10 2 8 0 2 0 2 14
Bracknell 10 2 7 1 2 1 1 13
Chiltern 10 2 6 2 4 3 1 12
Cherwell 10 2 5 3 5 5 0 11
Wycombe 10 1 4 5 1 8 -7 7