Uxbridge Amblers Tournament (Away) – 01-Oct-17

Uxbridge Amblers Tournament (Away) – 01-Oct-17 (report by Richard)

Dear all,

I found myself falling asleep with aching legs…but I digress…

Uxbridge Amblers held their 2nd Graham Barnes Memorial Trophy tournament at Hillingdon earlier today. This is in principle a festival type event played in the WF spirit.  However, once a trophy and medals are put up for grabs, the strong competitiveness comes out more in some than others!

The Watford Friendly teams was represented by:
Alan Cutter
Andy Roads
Ken Littleboy
Maurice Wagenfield
Paul Salvietto
Richard Manning
Steve Harrington
Steve Holley.

The average age was 61 years and 6 months, something that caught up with us playing several games with 15 min breaks.  Maurice, Paul and Steve Holley represented the 35th, 36th and 37th different players to appear for the Friendly side since our 1st fixture on 22-Apr!

The 6-a-side tournament played on pitches similar to those used at the Meriden had strict refereeing particularly on running.  Results for our Friendly team were as follows:

  1. Uxbridge Bridge Amblers Blue 0-2
  2. Staines 0-2
  3. Arsenal 1-1 (win on most corners won)
  4. Old Salvatorians 0-0 (win on most corners won)
  5. Hereford 0-1

We should have got something out of game 2 and won games 3 and 4. Unfortunately giving away some poor goals and hitting everything in the goal area but the back of the net was the story of the day! Steve Harrington still our player of the day…again.  As it happened as results went, we had the small possibility of making it through to the semi-final play-offs in beating Hereford by 3 clear goals in our final game.  Once again our final 3rd completion rate let us down and while more than holding our own for the majority of the game we conceded the only goal of the game in the final minute.

After a late drop out of the Wealdstone team, followed by the VERY later drop out of Reading their replacement, we offered to fill in and entered a 2nd team last Mon(!) pulled together last minute by Dicky.  The team assembled included:
Ged Mclaughlin
George Ferrar
Howard Groves
Howard Harris
Kevin Schmid
Richard Cowling
Steve Dyett

With George pulling up after the 4th game, they played the last fixtures with a bare 6 but managed to win all their round robin matches followed by beating Hereford in the semi. The final against Uxbridge Bridge Amblers Blue (who we played in our 1st game) was a tight 0-0 draw with Uxbridge winning on corners won.

Many thanks for Mick Geraghty of Uxbridge Amblers Walking FC for arranging the event.

…now, back to the aching legs…