Watford Over 65’s Win 1st International Tournament – 13-Apr-19

13-Apr-19 Barnet – Watford – SV Juliana (report by Paul Currie)

Watford Over 65’s were invited to a round robin at The Hive by our good neighbours Barnet WFC. They had arranged a mini tournament with the Dutch side, SV Juliana’31 Old Stars. While originally set up as primarily a 65+ team event with sprinkling of over 60s, due to injuries and unavailability there were younger players involved in other teams.

On a fine April morning, just before the first game hailstones fell from the sky!  But this did not delay the first game between Barnet WF and SV Juliana which ended in draw 0-0.

We were next on vs the Dutch side and in a tight game it ended with a 1-0 win. Steve Harrington with a cracker to the bottom corner.

Next on was out first game against Barnet, another tight game ended in a 0-0 draw.

The following games were the same fixtures. Scores below:
Barnet v. St Juliana 2-0
Watford v. St Juliana 1-0 (Steve Morris)
Watford v. Barnet WF   0-0

This meant Watford Over 65s won the tournament without conceding a goal. The Barnet FC Manager, Darren Currie presented medals for the best player of each side which for Watford was Steve Harrington.

Well done to all the players but a special mention to every one of our players.
Colin (the Cat) Sills
Dennis (my left foot) Jervis
Ken Littleboy
Pat Morrisey
Paul Currie
Steve Harrington
Steve Morris

[Editors Note: 1 keeper and 6 defenders!]

We will look at the possibility of an invite sometime to SV Juliana! Many thanks to Barnet WFC for the invite and the great spirit of friendship during and after the games.