WWFC Contribute to WFA South East Region 60s Success!

27th October 2019

After forming 5 Regions in England in the summer of 2018, The WFA set about selecting Regional Managers to put in place 50s, 60s and 70s teams formed from players nominated from teams in their region.  The purpose was to provide a conduit between the clubs and the established international team, and provide the England management team visibility of new players for selection.

The process culminated in the meeting of Regional teams in each age group at Solihull outside Birmingham over the past 2 weekends.

The South East 70s have Ken Littleboy in their team and the 50s Peter Davison. In the 60s, the England squad already has Kevin Schmid and Allan Carrington in their fold. 

For our region, the South East, Richard Manning is Manager with the excellent Michael Adams as team Coach. Following successful trials involving invites to over 70 clubs and attendance of over 65 players in February this year, the South East 60s first met in March and have met almost every month since then. Support at sessions has been provided by Alan Read, Glenn Cato and Bill Melsome. A number of players have been added in the period. From the original trials, WWFC members Ged McLaughin, John Field and Gary Shaw have been joined over the months by Howard Harris, Simon Evans and most recently Tony Power, the squad reaching 24.

The Regional meeting held on Sunday, initially a gathering of Regional teams plus an England Shadow squad, ultimately became a round robin tournament. An original squad of 14 was selected but as always there are changes.  With drop outs from the England squad, their manager called to request 2 players including John Field to join the England squad (which already included Kevin and Allan) for the day. Thursday also brought the disappointing news that a late injury at Club Night resulted in Tony dropping out of our squad. The WWFC members to attend the event were Ged, Howard, Gary and Simon.

Playing 4 x 30 min 6-a-side matches (vs.North West, North East, South West and England) after the Central team dropped out, only results against the Regional teams counted. WWFC Referee Jonathan Sinfield was in involved in several matches.  The South East team, under the direction of Michael, performed very well winning every game without conceding a goal, all players having equal playing time. Walton’s Glenn Mitchell of the South East team won ‘Player of the Day’, so a great day all round. Congratulations to all those involved.