WWFC Karaoke Night

8th February 2020

A fun night at the Everett Rovers club house with a first time Karaoke Evening once again arranged by Peter Davison. Due to illnesses and previous commitments, the turnout was disappointing but was more than made up by those who made it really great night.

After watching the tense Brighton-Watford game, the usual chicken, sausage or veggie burner and chips were demolished preparing the attendees for what was to come. Jules stepped in as compare and host for the night – a natural we all thought – and guided us along getting almost everyone to sing at some point, including a few from Everett Rovers 

We won’t dwell on quality as Karaoke is all about inclusion and involvement, and of course fun. Several 1st timers! However, Al’s Denise did sing one wonderful opera rendition which was unbelievably good!

Thanks to Pete for all the hard work, and for all those who attended.

Our host and compare, Jules!
Spencer and Jules sing-a-long 🙂
John Burke showing some hidden skills.
Denise singing wonderful opera – you’d pay to hear that normally!
THE GIRLS! – Lisa, Anabelle, Carol and Marie
Girls power singing!
Big Al and Little Pete
Tony Power’s family and friends enjoy Irish ballads